The Program

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The Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Coalition honors residential, commercial and public development projects in Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties that demonstrate outstanding environmental stewardship.

The Stewardship Development Selection Committee, consisting of professionals from a multitude of applicable organizations, honors applicants meeting specific requirements and criteria with three distinct levels of awards.

Levels of Distinction

Outstanding Stewardship

*Previously titled “Outstanding Recognition”
“Outstanding Stewardship” is the highest level of distinction available in the Stewardship Development Awards Program™. This honor is only bestowed on projects that have achieved high marks in all applicable areas. The project must be sufficiently complete and demonstrate accomplishment or expected accomplishment of project goals to receive “Outstanding Stewardship” status.

Significant Achievement

This high-level of achievement is granted to projects that may not be eligible for “Outstanding Stewardship” for a variety of reasons. Unlike the “Outstanding Stewardship” distinction, an approved Project Plan (at any level of the process) may receive a “Significant Achievement” Award. If a project falls short on one or more criteria, the Selection Committee may elect to spotlight specific aspects of a project with a “Significant Achievement” Award.

Special Recognition

“Special Recognition” may be awarded to a project that does not qualify for the “Outstanding Stewardship” or “Significant Achievement” Awards. “Special Recognition” may be awarded if there are elements of a project that the Selection Committee believes warrants some level of recognition, but the project does not meet the criteria necessary for the other levels of distinction.

Program Benefits

Award recipients receive promotion through:

    • Acceptance into the Awards Program
    • Exposure through press releases, this website and related literature
    • Awards banquet
    • Display of approved Stewardship Development signage on site (“Outstanding Stewardship” status only)
    • Use of Stewardship Development logo in promotional materials for the site or project (“Outstanding Stewardship” status only)
    • “Significant Achievement” awardees can only use their designation in marketing text (use of Stewardship Development logo is not permitted).